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The OnDeck Advantages

ABOUT OnDeck a Division of NVC

  • IRC compliant guardrail post attachment

  • IRC compliant 50 psf (10 lb dead load 40 lb live load) structural and foundation design

  • 12" O.C.joist placement for new composite installations

  • Stainless steal conceal loc hidden fasteners (not plastic) for composite installations

  • IRC compliant lateral load connections

  • IRC compliant post to beam connections

  • IRC compliant post to footer connection

  • Outdoor rated galvanized hardware

  • Hardware designed to the proper load capacity

  • Coated deck screws colored to match if needed for surface screwed installations

  • Local community involvement and recognition

  • Hardware and fasteners rated to use with AC2 treated lumber

  • Structural and design experience

  • Project management standards

  • Project delivery expertise

  • In house quality control management

  • In house carpenters

  • A communication system that is second to none

  • Top notch response

  • High quality multiple grade materials

  • Over 100 years of combined construction experience coupled with the legacy company which is family owned and operated

  • Best customer service & hundreds of happy customers

  • FREE unlimited expertise on any home improvement projects

Family owned for over 30 years working with homeowners and businesses to deliver construction and renovation needs. Today the next generation of our family delivered the OnDeck brand to showcase many of the legacy products we have used over the years and the new innovative products that customers demand.  


We develop and deliver comprehensive design that is congruent with budgets, schedules and programmatic goals for outdoor and indoor space. We install high quality deck, porch and outdoor solutions using high quality products, expert craftsmanship and exceptional service.


Our mission has always been to deliver the most high quality product for the best value. With over 100 years combined experience in construction and renovation, we bring to our customers a wide range of design possibilities and products.

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 OnDeck Team
OnDeck of NVC
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