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Make the Most out of Your Outdoor Space

What Is An Outdoor Kitchen?

An outdoor kitchen is a place outside of the house where one can cook, prepare a meal, and easily clean up afterward. There is some heating element to the area, such as a stove, a cooktop, a grill, or even a pizza oven. The goal of a home is to have a place to relax and unwind. The outdoor kitchen is an extension of that goal.
Why Is An Outdoor Kitchen Beneficial?
1. Energy Usage
2. It keeps the smells outside
3. Great place to entertain
4. You don't have to worry about as much about cleaning up
5. It eliminates the trips in and out of the house

outdoor kitchen installation

Under Deck Systems

ZipUp Ceiling

We are an official dealer of ZipUP Ceiling® that works great for exterior uses such as commercial ceilings, walkways, and soffit systems. Not only will your space be left with a sleek look, it also provides protection that will withstand the different seasons.

ZipUP Ceiling® works for interior spaces, too! Perfect for basements, garages, sunrooms, you name it! Adding the finishing touches to your living space is now a quick and easy process with ZipUP Ceilings®. Plus, you have unlimited access to your plumbing and electrical wires.

ZipUP UnderDeck® polishes the underside of your deck providing a dry, usable, outdoor living space. Any water from the above channels through to your gutter system and your panels can be easily removed and replaced for mechanical access and the occasional cleaning. With ZipUP, you get an under-deck drainage system and a finished look with one product. 


A place to watch the sunset on a late evening and admire fall foliage with a blanket and a cup of tea as the seasons change. And the best part? You could do it all without mosquitos buzzing in your ears. Think of it as a sunroom with a breeze, or a patio without direct exposure to the elements. A well-designed enclosure is “somewhere you’ll actually want to hang out and a place to take pause.

Home Improvement Systems, Inc. is the manufacturer of the SCREENEZE® system and accessories. They use a no-spline technology to take the headaches out of screen installations. Call us for any of Screeneze installations

season room and screens

Fire Pits

Edge Premier Dark Teak and Universal Rail Black

A stone firepit has the benefit of bringing natural landscapes into your backyard, with a variety of colors and cuts available. No two stone firepits are exactly alike, nor do the colors fade. Stone can be tumbled to soften their angles and add sheen, or left raw for a more rustic look.  A stone firepit also won’t be damaged from cold weather or rain. 

Please check our FAQ to find out more information about the installation process!

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