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Choosing A Contractor For Your Home Project


Stop me when this sounds familiar. A contractor sold me on a project and hired some unknown crews to complete the work. I never saw the salesperson again and the I had no visibility into the workings of the crews or the schedule. How about this one. I paid the contractor up front but they never finished the job or the job was unsatisfactory. These stories are all too common and the biggest reason why contractors and builders have such terrible reputations. So why does this happen. Lots of reasons. Lack of experience, lack of estimating skill, lack of customers service or sadly those companies that intended to rip you off form the get go. I like to think that that last one accounts for the smallest percentage. But for my part, I have to rank the number one cause is, lack of experience. These inexperienced individuals price projects wrong, got mixed up with the wrong subs, didn’t properly communicate the scope, planned poorly or had insufficient or substandard designs. They failed not only because the lacked experience but because they did not improve on their past experiences and just kept making the same mistakes over and over again. So what does a well-run organization do to stay clear of these short comings?

1. They have a communications plan that outlines how and when the customer or client can get information and develop a relationship based on that communication

2. They build trust in the relationship through communication, transparency and reliability.

3. A large portion of their operation is self-performing and does not rely solely on subcontractors allowing them control over quality and performance.

4. They are largely focused on continuous improvement and the study of new products and methods.

5. Lastly, they are experienced. OnDeck values all of these things. We are focused on so much more than just a bottom-line number. We build project budgets around customer demands and drive to deliver scopes that not only capture those demands but also the requirements of the local building codes. We don’t leave customers to communicate with others and our operation is driven by lean methodologies that create flow and eliminate waste.

So when qualifying your contractor or builder don’t just focus on prices and references. Get to know them, understand who they are and what drives them. #ondeck #construction #deckbuilder

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