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The Advantage Of A Composite Deck

If you are considering upgrading to a composite deck you may be asking what the return will be on your investment. It’s often not an easy questions to answer because people often value different things, but we can make quite a few examples for you to go by. First, the obvious, you will not have to stain or seal the deck during its lifespan. A high quality composite should last for 20 to 30 years if it is properly installed.  It’s a simple cost to calculate when you consider the cost of staining and sealing your existing deck. Other factors you should consider are that the boards will never split or crack, so the deck will look the same during its lifespan, with the exception of wear from use. Also, the railing will not splinter or warp. If you install hidden fasteners, which we recommend, there will be no unsightly screws or popped nails and it's going to look cleaner all around and stay that way for years to come. 

If you are considering an upgrade to a composite, think about the time you spend doing maintenance or scheduling maintenance, and the peace of mind you get out of a high quality product. Be sure the product you select is warrantied against this type of wear and always be sure your contractor is qualified to install composite products or the warranties will be voided. Saying that they are qualified not enough. Check references, check for insurance and always, always get it in writing.

For more than 30 years OnDeck is proud to serve Lake County and Cook County residents. If you have questions about proper deck maintenance, or need to schedule an estimate, please call OnDeck at 866-278-2841.

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