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Deck Simple?

deck design with stairs
deck design with stairs

No, not so simple as it sounds. With the overwhelming amount of deck failures over the past couple of decades the International Code Council has put a huge effort into defining deck standards. We make it a habit to study them. Recently, I was watching a video published by deck builder magazine on the proper ways to reinforce a rail post. The talk lasted about 15 min and barely scratched the surface regarding structural requirements. Here is a link if you are interested.

The point is properly securing a rail posts is only one of several components that make up a deck, and it begs the question why is something that seems so simple, is so complex. It really comes down to understanding structural requirements. You are adding an independent structural component to a house and, in many cases, it is elevated so much that it requires a railing.

Furthermore, a structural failure, be it a railing or the deck itself can result in injury or death. Will you always see evidence of damage or decay caused by improper construction before someone gets hurt? The answer is No. That is why OnDeck follows standards and learns how to improve the construction of structures instead of slapping them together for the cheapest possible price and hoping for the best. If your builder knows nothing about structural standards or grips a hold of something and says, “it should hold”, it is likely that they are over simplifying the design and construction.  

OnDeck professionals serve Lake and Cook County residents for more than 30 years and are always happy to help answering your questions.

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