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Product Quality And Decking Materials

I often get asked what’s the difference between one product and another or which do I think is better. I almost never get asked why. Mostly because it takes a long time to explain. I really wanted to make this video so I could sum it up a bit, so here goes. How, does an experienced tradesperson define the quality of a product. A few things come to mind.

1. Who made the product and do they have a reputable track record?

2. What do my installers say about it. Does the product install easily and free from damage. What does the hardware look like and how solid is it when it is complete? It’s all a bit subjective I’m afraid but my senior installers have loads of experience and have seen lots of products.

3. We try to stay clear of buying from big box stores. Don’t get me wrong we sometimes shop there. But it’s usually for something we already have experience with and from manufacturers that we use often. But off the shelf items like cabinets, decking even lumber can have quality issues and by my experience these items stocked in big box stores drive consumers to the lowest price instead of a quality product.

4. And lastly, and most importantly, how does the customer like it. We get lots of return business which is great because we get to revisit some of the work we’ve done years after it has been installed. We get to speak with those customers to see what they like about the products we used and what we can improve upon.

So next time you ask someone why they like a product don’t forget to ask them why or have a look at some of our other videos if you are looking for something more product specific.

OnDeck had been serving Lake and Cook County Illinois for more than 30 years. Subscribe to our YouTube channel , enjoy our weekly home project and deck build related tips and tricks and THANKS for watching! #deckmaterials #deckquality #choosingdeck


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