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Starting at $1 per square foot 

deck CAD rendering

CAD Rendering


Don't leave your project in the dark. Lack of planning only leads to delays and additional charges. Start your project out right, consult with one of OnDeck's designers. Designers can give you a proper plan, estimate values on your project, fix you on a budget, price your project to multiple vendors, obtain your permit, perform a zoning analysis and even manage your project to its completion.  


If you have questions and don't know where to begin, don't understand the cost of your project, or just trying to find if your project is feasible please visit FAQ page or call us for a free phone consultation. 

outdoor living build

Post Construction

Don't be fooled by cheap online deck design tools. None of them will help you meet local and state codes for structural support, lateral load support, railing design and stairways. OnDeck can meet all the 2018 IRC standards plus any additional local codes that apply to your deck.  

We visit your property to gather detailed measurements, elevations, photographs, and site-specific notes. With our well-trained eye, we will propose a design and layout that we believe fits all the criteria previously set in motion. Once the design is agreed upon and the detailed proposal is released, you will be left with an in-depth understanding of exactly what you should expect through our process, from pre-construction to your move into the new space.

Custom Design
Ondeck Project
OnDeck Design
OnDeck Design
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