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We get lots and lots of sagging, falling, rotten old dilapidated porches.  We've seen our share.  Nothing enhances your homes curb appeal like a beautiful porch.  If your adding a new one or rebuilding an existing OnDeck can help you with a wide selection of composites and woods that can fit your home and bring your exterior back to life.

Screen Room
wood pergola


Our family comes from a small countryside in Sicily well know by its name "Pergola" on the southern facing slopes just north of Lago Rosamarina. You will not find the name on a map but I assure you it is very well known by the locals who are always looking for a shady spot to sit. The tradition of building pergolas has been handed down from generation to generation in our family. If you are looking to add character, create a shady sitting area or fill in some space with an accent a pergola can be just the thing. We offer a wide variety of cuts and sun shades to deliver a functional fine looking product.

outdoor kitchen

Outdoor Living

Outdoor kitchens, sunrooms, tile patios, fire pits and fireplaces are just a few items we offer to complete your outdoor space. Our custom designers can walk you through all the latest products that can make your outdoor experience as simple or as grand as you desire.

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