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Builders And Salespeople

I visited a homeowner this week to discuss their deck project. When I meet someone new, I always like to ask them what they like, dislike or what they want in general. This customer was a bit put off by that comment. They said to me, “go ahead and sell us on something”. A salesperson would go right into the pitch at that point. I have a confession. I’m not a salesperson. I’m a builder and a project manager. The PMP I tag after my name is proof of the latter, as for being a builder, I’ve been building things for a long time, since I was in my teens in fact. I have experience in residential, commercial, institutional and industrial builds including environmental remediation and emergency response and I am happy to provide my resume upon request. So what? Phil’s here telling us how great he is? Here’s what. Salespeople sell, builders build. I am not at all interested in selling people something they don’t want. I am interested in providing information regarding building products and providing pricing for projects and to sell them but alas I’m not much of a salesman.

This paragraph comes with a warning to consumers. I’ve seen salespeople operate. The good ones are pretty convincing. But if you want something done right, I would hire a builder with experience in these things.

Particularly if you are getting into a renovation because there are so many unknown risks associated with them. A builder’s experience is going to bring those risks to the forefront of the project and make owners aware of them. A salesperson will just deal with the issues as they arise and send you a change order making their problems, your problems.

Don’t misunderstand, issues do happen, but the more experience the person on your job has the better off you will be. The only experience a salesperson has is selling.

When choosing your home contractor pay attention who you are meeting with: is it a salesman, designer, project manager, direct contractor you will be working with or mixture of both? OnDeck is a professional deck builder that serves Lake and Cook County of IL for more than 30 years. We do not send sales people to our customers we send our experienced project managers who build outdoor living structures themselves. They will discuss your project and bring your ideas into a reality making the process as smooth as possible.

if you have questions about your outdoor structure installation or any other home project call OnDeck at 866-278-2841 and our representative will be glad to answer them. Subscribe to our blog page and receive updated tips, tricks and other valuable information for homeowners.

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