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Pin Foundations

Pin Foundations are not a new concept but their introduction to the decking industry has recently taken hold. If you have not seen them already you can find some specks at Diamond Pier is one of the most popular residential brands out here. We’ve used them on riverside applications and we’ve started using them in more common applications. The pro’s – They are easy to install (provided you have the space to drive the pipes), the capacity of one pier is equivalent to much larger concrete pier because of the wide distribution of load, there is no excavation or soil removal involved and there is no wait time for local inspections. The Con’s – Many municipalities have not caught on to the idea of this foundation despite the ICC reports accepting the product into the international residential code. While this is not an issue with the product itself it could cause some setbacks. Check with your permit office first and direct them to the diamond pier web site for the code compliance report. Furthermore, there is some dispute about the condition of the pipes over time, if they will deteriorate and become faulty. Diamond Pier offers a lifetime warranty on parts and labor, so I expect they have done their due diligence on the causes of galvanic corrosion.

Conclusion, its hard to get away from trusty installation like concrete piers, but I like the product. The cost of a concrete pier vs. a diamond pier is about the same provided your excavation is not full of roots or rocks, if there are underground obstructions the pin foundation will have the advantage. Its going to go in fast and there will be no wait time to start framing so your job is going to move along much faster.

For more than 30 years OnDeck is proud to serve Lake County and Cook County residents. If you have questions about proper deck installation, or need to schedule an estimate, please call OnDeck at 866-278-2841.

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