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Renovations gone bad

One of my team members here at OnDeck recently pointed out a previous blog to me where I said that I don’t like to bash other contractors. Well, I’m going to bend that rule a bit.

I recently read this article:

Now if I it were not for the supporting photos and the detailed list of things gone wrong I may have dismissed the individual making the complaint as an unreasonable customer. But that just is not the case here. Why would Home Depot decide to provide such sub-standard work? I can make a few guesses, and considering my experience I would be willing to bet that my guesses would be at least 50% accurate.

Let’s take the most likely. Home depot priced this, they were low. They didn’t want to give up their margin so they shopped with their vendors until some of them agreed to this, probably unseen. Once on site, the contractors decided to muddle their way through it and quickly submitted a partial bill, took what money they could and left Home Depot holding the bag on the rest.

Who knows if I’m right. I will say this, I would not accuse Home Depot of purposely doing sub-standard work. It really comes down to the process of hiring vendors/contractors that are motivated to get paid what little they are getting paid as fast as they can. Because those guys are working through Home Depot they are never going to get any other work form that client and the motivation to make it look great and please the customer does not exist.

Moral of this story. Use contractors who are locally based and have experience in your community. THEY ARE MOTIVATED TO PERFORM TO THE HIGHEST STANDARDS BECAUSE THAT IS HOW THEY GET MORE WORK! Sorry I didn’t mean to yell. You just can’t beat the service from us little guys, sorry Home Depot, 99 out of 100 times I’ve got you beat. Good news for you Home Depot, should you ever want to establish better process for doing business, I am available for consultation.

If you have questions about your renovation project, deck, pergola or any other outdoor living structure install, call our Ondeck experts at (866) 278 2841

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